Far West Fox Trotters
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Our Story

                My name is Kayla Oakes I built this website so anyone interested can have a glimpse at what we have created for ourselves hear at Far West and all the joy it brings us. We fell in love with these animals for their smooth moving, ground covering ability. We’ve ridden in many states in every terrain, through rivers, boulders, rocky trails, up and down cliffs and mountain sides, through the rain, snow and summer heat. There truly is not a better sure footed, leveled head, comfortable sitting mount out there. We’ve seen some of the most beautiful parts of nature from the backs of this wonderful animals. There such a pleasure to work with and fun to raise.

                                  Kayla  &  Pat                                                               Pat  & Tracey


Far West Fox Trotters started out as a hobby between a father and daughter that got a little out of control. We use to only ever have 3 horses at a time but after my father , Patrick Oakes, got his first fox trotter; something about that smooth ride it seemed he just couldn’t have one. For some time we would buy and sale fox trotters he had bought from a friend up in Spanish fork Utah from Maple Hills Ranch were Cotton Eyed Joe stood stud. This ended soon after my mother, Tracey Oakes, got in a horse accident that should have ended her life while trying out some of these horses. She didn’t get back on another horse for three years. We were adamant trail riders and wanted her to come out with us again. So my father set out to get her a dead broke horses and in his search ended up at the show and celebration in Ava, Missouri were he meet Floyd and Sue Hurst of Hurst Stable in Rogersville, MO. He bought his first fox trotter from them, his name was Go Boy’s Cougar and he was a direct son of Zane’s Go Boy. this beautiful bay gelding taught us most of what we know about what a real fox trotter should be. He had the most natural sweet rhythm to his flat walk, fox trot, and even fast rack most fox trotters can’t do. It took my mother a few years before she would ride him but once she did it didn’t take long before she was out on the trail with us again.

                          Tracey with Go Boy's Cougar                                                Floyd & Pat

                Over the years since cougar we have bought many horses from Floyd and Sue and have never been disappointed with a single one. They have one of the most natural stallions in the breed, Rambler’s Diamond Fox, he is one of the few remaining sons of Missouri’s Rambler E. The first time I ever saw Fox’s was in 2004 it was my first trip to Missouri, he was over ten years old, out in his pen, hadn’t been brushed or cleaned up, and my first thought was why don’t you model this horse. Then he turned and walked up to the gait with the most beautifully flawless face and the big soft eyes I’d ever seen on a horse! The same one he throws on all his foals. Over all a stunning package and such a calm sweet disposition about him. He followed Floyd around the way a loyal dog would.

                                                                Rambler's Diamond Fox

Up until this trip we had only ever owned geldings, but we were there looking for a horse for me, and I had my minded set on a beautiful solid black daughter of Fox who’s dam was a full sister to cougar. My father was so pent against getting mares as their reputation of having a nasty temperament. But the will of a daughter especially the youngest, pays out and we ended up leaving with 2 mares, the three year old Diamond Fox's Promenade and a 6 month old filly out of Traveler’s Gold image and a Traveler/Toddy Cross mare, Image's Travlin' Dot. I named my 3 year old Lady and I fell in love with her by the time she turned 4 years old she was dead broke anyone could ride her, she road bear back even at a canter, so smooth and soft in the mouth, she responded to voice commands, and had such a beautiful trail riders dream way of moving(as do all of Fox’s foals). I’ve ridden so many different fox trotters on the trail but lady will always be my favorite. My father went through “personal” trail horses yearly. He’d get one that he’d say was so amazing but the next time he went to Missouri and rode another one of Floyds horses he’d come home with it and have to sell his last one.  He was such a sucker for a smooth gait on a big horse and Floyd has plenty of them.

              Kayla on Diamond Fox's Promenade  &  Patrick on Image's Travlin' Dot

                    It wasn’t too long before I talk my father into breeding my mare. We had become good acquaintances with Lothar Row who owned Miller-Ranch. He was standing a son of Missouri’s Outlaw C. who was the 2007 res. WGC Arizona Outlaw, and also a son of Poncho Villa A. We bred her 2 separate time to each stud and … no foal. During this time my father had informed Floyd that we were interested in getting a stallion of our own to start breeding for our own foals.

Well the call came later from Floyd that he had found exactly what we were looking for. He had a Black Daughter of Missouri Rambler E. that he had bred to the 2004 WGC Model Stallion Trip-My-Trigger-P, a stunning dappled palomino son of Southern Sunrise and Outlaw/Bobbie Sue mare. The resulting foal was born in October, he was a black colt with a star snip and back white sock, they named him Quick Trigger. Floyd told my father that this was one of the finest colts he’d ever seen in all his year of breeding and it wasn’t even out of his stallion. They later found out after testing that he was a smoky black and carried his father’s cream gene despite his black coat. Could it get any better? So my father agreed to buy him under the conditions that he would never be gelded and the warning that he was a little advanced for his age as a colt. Well we got him at five and half months old, he was a little guy with a very inquisitive personality and laid back demeanor. Trigger was so natural in his gaits it was simply how he moved, lots of reach and smooth moving rhythm every were he went. I soon found out why Floyd had warned us to keep him away from mares at 5 ½ months he would try to mount any mare he came in contact with, he defiantly knew his purpose in this life.  

                   Quick Trigger displaying a foxtrot at the age of 3 months  & 4 years

At three years old he was starting to fill out but it seemed he was still the size of a two year old but with a thick neck so we kept him another year before sending him to the trainers. His first two foal were born when he was three and a half years old.  One out of a direct daughter of Sensation’s Fireman’s and the other out of the now four year old filly we bought out of Traveler’s Gold Image years before. Both foals were filly’s one a smoky black going grey and the other a solid black. They both moved just like their father truly gaiting all around the field with their mothers, beautiful builds and great personalities more than we could have expected. I thought the best part of this breed was the way they moved right up until I saw our first foal. There is nothing more beautiful in nature than seeing the first time a mare look at her foal and goes from being an ordinary horse to a mother in an instant the connection between them is unbreakable. Imprinting and watching them grow in their personalities is worth all the years of waiting until there first ride, truly the best.

                          Trigger's first foal Fireman's Quick Silver & Pat with grandson 

By 2009, the next year, we had bred my black mare to Trigger she took on the first try, and the Fireman Sensation mare again! They both had black colts one going grey with just as much natural talent as there sister before them. In the time that he had these 2 foal crops he had jumped one fence and broke out of one stall to be with his mares. We’d come out two see him eating with the mares and foals. He was lucky his ladies were very tolerant or he would have ended up with a broken leg. He definitely had a one tract mind. Up until we sent him to the trainers he ran with our geldings and as he got older started getting more stallion like attributes. After we got him back from the trainers a distinct change had been made he was a stallion now. We could ride him out with the others but not put them up together anymore. He had to many hormones running through him it wasn’t worth letting him get hurt so he got his own pen.

Trigger under saddle was a beautiful thing, his thin chest gave him unending endurance, and that far reach made for a ground covering gait. It all came so natural to him and he’d proven that he threw that same talented ability to his foals, a true stallion. Since then Trigger has had a Palomino colt and filly out of Zane’s Boss man mares and a Classic Champagne filly out of a Rambler/Boss Man mare. All of them coming out with better quality’s than their parents and we couldn’t be more pleased, each one as unique as the next. Trigger now 6 years old as finally reached his prime, His coat is a rich chocolate all year around, with a 2 foot main that splits over on both sides a forelock that’s down to his nose and a tail that just misses the ground. He is a solid 15 hands with the striking conformation of his father, elegant face of his mother, and that soft Rambler eye. Flawlessly perfect in every way.

                                           Quick Trigger at 4 years old with Pat Oakes up

What started out as a hobby with 3 horses has now grown out of control into a very fun business. We now have around 14 horses, our stallion, 5 breeding mares, 3 geldings (one is our buggy horse), 5 of our foals all between 6 months and 3 years of age, and 4 foals on their way for next year. With our proven stallion and combination of unique builds and breeding we have collected in our mares we look forward to the future hear at Far West with anticipation. Our first foals are now coming under saddle and are proving even more talented that we had expected. We are now working toward a field full of our own making, breeding, and training and we aren’t far away for that dream. We do this simply because we love it and nothing more. 

                            Kayla  &  Lady                                                     Pat  &  Diamond's Magic