Far West Fox Trotters
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2012  Foals

          Quick Trigger                                             Sierra's Charming Guinevere 


                                              Trigger's Lucky Lad

Finally we got our first buckskin!!!Been waiting a lot time for this beautiful colt with three small socks and very nice dark points. He is a BIG mover with a large front end and covers ground. He has a very sweet face and fun personality LOVES his people.  

  Quick Trigger                                                        Diamond Fox's Bossy Lady


                                               Trigger's Diamond Fox

Lady and Trigger did it again! Easter morning they gave us an absolutely gorgeous solid Black Colt with a STUNNING face and great build and boy does he gait!! Fox is loaded with reach and rhythm in his front end. Just like his brother from last year Fox has a super sweet personality and LOVES human interaction, follows you around comes to you at the gait. Fox is a super friendly guy not afraid of anything and very curious and willing learner.

       Quick Trigger                                               Diamond's N Gold


                                           Trigger's Rock-N-Roller

What a busy NIGHT!! Jewels had her first foal 4 hours befor his brother above the night before Easter, 2 colts in one night. This BIG boy is a Smoky Black just like his father. He is solid black with a smal star on his forhead. Rock is super firendly with lots of energy. He has very long legs and is a big MOVER exstremly gaited!

Quick Trigger                                  Sandpipers Smokin Olena


This is the result of triggers first foal crossed with a diffrent breed. We crossed him with a quarter horse and the result was a beautiful light gold buckskin filly. She IS gaited and has a beautiful face and confomation. She is a very sweet beautiful filly.