Far West Fox Trotters
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2011 Foals

                Quick Trigger                                              Diamond Fox's Smart Blond   



                                                             Trigger's Easter Sunrise
This LITTLE girl was a complete surprise. We didn’t know her mother was pregnant. She fooled the vet and us with this beautiful filly Easter morning. Mother didn’t gain any much extra weight so she was a total surprise.  She’s a very sweet and healthy girl that loves affection. Will defiantly be a looker when she’s done growing, she a Classic Champagne beauty, wonderful cross between these two.


Quick Trigger                      Diamond Fox's Bosy Lady   


Dark gold, palomino colt born 3/26/11, big Irregular star and snip. This boy was 3 weeks OVERDUE but the vet said both mom and baby were fine. He came out with a huge pair of back legs and a lot of meat on him. Boss is a super friendly boy at only 8 hours old he was already coming to people and stricken his head out the stall. Boss is going to be a big boy with all the right stuff handed down from both mom and dad. This boy will defiantly be something special