Far West Fox Trotters
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2008 Foals

                        Quick Trigger                                                                    Image's Travelin' Dot



      Trigger's Travelin' Toddy 

It's another filly!!! Born the morning of 6/28/08.  Beautiful face and a kind eye    like her dam. She has a slim yet sturdy build with long legs. She is solid black .  She has only a few white hairs on her forehead and no other markings.  She’s a real mover with every step in rhythm.

      Quick Trigger                                                  Fireman's Bella Ringer T.



Fireman's Quick Silver
Trigger’s first baby has arrived!!! Born 12 in the afternoon 5/21/08. Beautiful Smokey Black filly; she is shedding out to be grey (almost looks like a blue roan).  She has two back socks, a big star in the center of her forehead and a snip just like her father (minus a sock).  Already loves people and will fall asleep in your arms
.  She's a real sweet heart with a lot of energy. She is everything we expected and more from this cross.