Far West Fox Trotters
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Welcome to Far West Fox Trotters, located in the sunny state of Arizona, at the base of the San Tan Mountains. Here, through our selective breeding and dynamic training we strive to raise the finest quality horses in the Fox Trotting breed. We sell the type of Fox Trotter we like to ride! Take a look at the video above to see some examples of the smooth moving, head bobbing, ground covering, type of fox trotters we like to raise and ride.

We have a very selective breeding program and only cross the best to enhance the breed. We take a lot of pride in our mares seeing as they are a big contributing factor in the foals produced and their teachers in the beginning. An amazing stallion can only take you so far, there are some that are more prone to throwing the desirable traits but no matter what, half the genetic make up still comes from the dam. Starting with the best and breeding to the best ensures only the elite in your foals.

Training starts in the beginning, all our foals are born under our supervision and careful care. From minute one, they already experience new smells and sounds from our imprinting and become associated and confident in humans. Our foals are interacted with on a daily basis, never put out in a field for months at a time. Before 6 months they are familiar with, if not perfect at leading, loading, bathing, trimming, and there pressure points.  A well rounded foal makes for a remarkably easy transition to riding!

In our training we believe the best way to a well rounded horse, which is perfectly set in its gaits; is one who is exposed to every thing.  Miles! Miles! Miles! Our horses are exposed to dogs, busy roads, quads, lawnmowers, ditches, running water, crossing bridges, and the list goes on and on.  Out on the trail is were the real fun begins though and as soon as they can handle a rider, bit and saddle that’s where we take them. Through rivers, over mountains, and between canyons there’s not a place
 we don’t go.


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